Grow Fresh And Safe Vegetable On Your Roof

A DO-IT-YOURSELF Organic Farming system for urban customers. It can be installed anywhere in a vacant urban household like rooftop/kitchen garden/empty plot/farmhouse. The number of PFS’ to be installed on a rooftop depends on the available rooftop space and the number of adults in the family. The prices go down per unit when purchased in bulk. The installation takes between 48 to 72 hours.

  • Easy to install Leak and UV- Protected foldable Portable containers which comes in a standard size of 10 feet X 4 feet.
water dripping system
  • Innovative Fully Automatic Drip System and Sub-Surface Drainage System.
organic input kit
  • Organic Input Kits, a set of organic sprays for pest/disease and nutrient management.
expert technician
  • Online and on-site expert Technicians available to Educate and assist our customers in growing organic vegetables.


Cover your indoor and outdoor exposed walls with lush green plants.

We also specialize in creating large outdoor and indoor green walls with plant densities higher than 6 plants per square feet and percolation rate of more than 70% in our green wall planters. The high plant density enables us to create more intricate designs with live plants and the high percolation rate ensures the healthy growth of plants and near-zero mortality of plants due to water-logging in the containers.
We can create customized green walls, not just on masonry walls but even around pillars. Our free-standing 2-way indoor green walls can be used as green partitions to slice a large hall (like in airport, mall, office etc) into smaller areas.


We cultivate thre best grade of organic vegetables and fruits on our farmlands

We have farmlands in Kanpur and Greater Noida on which we cultivate grade A- Certified Organic Vegetables. We use biological materials, avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance thereby minimizing pollution and wastage. Our technical team ensure enviroment friendly farming practices on our farms and educate our farmers about the new break throughs in organic farming. We have cultivated many vegetables like bottle gourd, lady finger, spinach, basil, etc. Recently we have started cultivating strawberries on one of our farmland.

Organic farm
Organic Farm

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