Organic Bottle-Gourd (Lauki) Grown in our Portable Farming System

Growing organic Bottle-Gourd (Lauki) was never so easy. We did it in less than 60 days, and yeah this one weighs over a KG, and we grew more than 16 (sweet16!). We did it in Portable Farming Systems which are 10 feet by 4 feet in dimensions & can be housed on your rooftop or in your balcony. Easy to manage &automated, they come with the professional assistance of our experts which help you have a successful crop yeild!

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Published by prakritikfarm

Prakritik Farm strives to provide socially and ecologically appropriate management over environmental resources. Prakritik Farm is a social enterprise that believes every individual should have access to healthy and pollution-free life. We aim to provide healthy and pollution-free organic health produce at reasonable prices. At prakritik farms, we encourage human and environment-friendly farm management practices. Our commitment is to re-establish ecological balance thereby conserving the environment and natural resources.

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