baby tomato 😍 and baby eggplant 🥰

babby tomato and baby eggplant

What do you think is more cute? baby tomato 😍 or baby eggplant ? 🥰 Well in our eyes both are beautiful! These are growing on a rooftop of our close friend. completely organic and easy to manage. He grew them in less than 45 days! without pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers – all organic ! We can’t wait to show it off! 😝🤩🥳

Don’t you want these sweet little things in your home and blessing you with healthy life? Get our portable farming system and have start growing healthy. Visit our Product Page to get one for you family because you deserve to eat healthy.

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Prakritik Farm strives to provide socially and ecologically appropriate management over environmental resources. Prakritik Farm is a social enterprise that believes every individual should have access to healthy and pollution-free life. We aim to provide healthy and pollution-free organic health produce at reasonable prices. At prakritik farms, we encourage human and environment-friendly farm management practices. Our commitment is to re-establish ecological balance thereby conserving the environment and natural resources.

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