Portable organic farming system by prakritik farm

Portable Organic Farming

Grow fresh and safe vegetable on your roof top.

A Portable Farming System is a revolutionary DO IT YOURSELF Organic Farming system for urban customers. It is an innovative system for growing vegetables in urban household, where space is a concern. It can be installed anywhere in a vacant urban household like rooftop/kitchen garden/empty plot/farmhouse.


Portable organic farming system by prakritik farm
  • Easy to install foldable Portable containers. Leak and UV- Protected with inbuild water dripping system.
expert technican
  • Online and on-site expert Technicians available to Educate and assist our customers in growing organic vegetables.
  • Innovative Fully Automatic Drip System and Sub-Surface Drainage System saves upto 75% of the water.
veg density
  • Density of veg plants in the portable farming system is 2.5 times more.
organic input kit
  • Organic Input Kits, a set of organic sprays for pest/disease and nutrient management of veg plants being grown in the Portable Farming System.
Environment friendly
  • Environement friendly and Conserves nature by minimalizing pollution and wastage of resources.

Organic spinach grown in Portable Organc Farming System at prakritik farm

Why You should eat organic

Organic farming is a human and environment-friendly farm management practice. The world is going organic, given to its innumerable benefits to our health and nature.

  • Organic crops are Natural and healthy
  • Organic crops are more nutritious.
  • Organic crops are free from toxins
  • Organic farming is good for the earth

“Be the change you want to see”

You want to eat healthy and pollution-free food, start cultivating organic food with our easy to do DIY Portable Farming System.

“Work together with the nature”

Conserve environment and natural resources, re-establish ecological balance by encouraging organic farming at our home.

“Have a personal green world”

Farming is a fun fill community-building activity. It gives your whole family the joy of living in a healthy world.

FAQ’s About Portable Farming System.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

Audrey Hepburn

“We have neglected the truth that a good farmer is a craftman of the highest order, A kind of artist”

Wendell Berry

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